Battery Speed Vent Caps



  • Instantly remove all battery caps simultaneously
  • Reduces battery maintenance cost
  • Internal flame arrestors
  • Acid-proof rubber seal washers included
  • Virtually eliminates dropped, misplaced or lost battery caps
  • Patented design
  • Standard 1/4-turn bayonet style mount
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Made in the USA

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Our battery speed vent caps makes watering and checking fluid levels in a golf cart or forklift battery much easier! Allows speedy removal of all vent caps at the same time! To install it, turn the handle counterclockwise until it stops. Then insert it down into the battery vent holes, then twist the handle 1/4 turn clockwise until it tightens against the rubber seals.  To remove it, simply twist the handle 1/4 turn counterclockwise and then lift it out.

The acid-proof seals help to prevent any leakage of the electrolyte. We have replacement speed vent caps to fit most batteries, including Crown, Interstate, US Battery, Rolls Surrette, Trojan, Tulip, Exide, and others. We manufacture speed vents in various sizes to fit both 3-cell (6-volt) and 4-cell (8-volt) batteries. To determine which size you need, please measure your battery before ordering by following the instructions below.

Battery Speed Vent Caps Chart

Model #Number of CapsCap ℄-℄ Distance
32.68" [2-11/16"]
33.31" [3-5/16"]
42.5" [2-1/2"]
42.6" [2-19/32"]
42.29" [2-19/64"]

Please be aware that some products advertised elsewhere as speed caps might be manufactured outside of the USA. Some of them may not contain a flame arrestor. This is an important feature since all lead-acid batteries emit flammable hydrogen gas. Our speed vent caps contain flame arrestors and  are safety tested and certified by an independent lab. Our battery speed vents are made in the USA in our factory in Ohio.

No more lost vent caps! When battery vent caps are dropped, they always seem to bounce underneath something where they are hard to find and difficult to reach. Or worse, they fall into a narrow space and then disappear out of sight. The individual speed vent caps cannot be dropped because they are permanently attached to the assembly.

Patented design! The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded patent no. 9,461,287 to our battery speed vent caps.

Please measure your battery before ordering. To determine whether you need a 3-cap or a 4-cap model, compare the number of vent caps on your battery with those in the chart shown above. Then measure the center-to-center distance between vent holes on your battery (see Fig. 1). Then select the Choose an option box above the Add to Cart button, and then select the correct model/distance in the drop-down list.

When measuring, keep in mind that the center to center distance of any battery cover can and will vary slightly during the manufacturing process, perhaps as much as 1/32 inch. Our battery speed caps are designed to accommodate that small variation.

Figure 1

You may view the part drawing for all available models by selecting one of the links below.

Speed Vent Cap #3-GVCA2.68-1070
Speed Vent Cap #3-GVCA3.31-1070
Speed Vent Cap #4-GVCA2.5-1070
Speed Vent Cap #4-GVCA2.6-1070
Speed Vent Cap #4-GVCA2.3-1070

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3-GVCA2.68-1070 (2.68"), 3-GVCA3.31-1070 (3.31"), 4-GVCA2.5-1070 (2.5"), 4-GVCA2.6-1070 (2.6"), 4-GVCA2.3-1070 (2.29")