Battery Vent Cap Adapter, Model 1050VCA


Adapter Features:

  • Fits European DIN-style batteries
  • Adapts a 1-3/8″ hole to fit all 1/4-turn bayonet vent caps
  • Push-in style with rubber O-ring seal

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This adapter lets you convert a European-style DIN battery vent hole to the standard quarter-turn bayonet style. This includes some batteries made by Douglas Battery Co. The adapter fits into a 1-3/8″ vent hole. As a result, it lets you install any quarter-turn style bayonet vent cap. The O-ring seal is included. The part drawing can be viewed online to see the dimensions.

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Additional information

Weight 0.010 lbs
Dimensions 1.68 × 1.68 × 0.97 in

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