NSF Certified Oblong Food Serving Baskets


The oblong food serving baskets are made in several colors to complement any decor. Our red plastic food basket is the most popular and is a good choice for any restaurant. If a red food basket is not your preference, other available colors are blue, black, green, gray, yellow, and brown.

Our fast-food baskets are guaranteed safe for food contact. These baskets are NSF certified and approved for contact with food and for ease of cleaning. Our food service baskets comply with all health and safety laws. Serves up sandwiches, hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, burgers, and more. These appetizer baskets can be used to serve food either with or without paper inserts. This plastic serving basket is available in other handy shapes including oval and round.

The food serving baskets are available in pallet quantities to our registered customers. Contact us for details. One box contains 36 food serving baskets and each pallet contains 112 boxes. One pallet contains 4032 serving baskets.

Food Serving Basket Benefits:

  • Choice of seven colors
  • NSF approved for food contact
  • NSF approved for cleanability
  • Reduces the risk of foodborne illness
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • May be recycled
  • Made in the USA in our Ohio factory

Our plastic food serving baskets are sold online in box quantities of 36 only. To order, select a color in the drop-down box below. Then enter the quantity and select the Add to cart button. Then select the Checkout button that appears at the top left.

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Food Serving Baskets Chart

Yellow Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1102YELLOW10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36/BOX1 BOX$0.40
Gray Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1103GRAY10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36/BOX1 BOX$0.39
Blue Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1104BLUE10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36/BOX1 BOX$0.39
Red Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1105RED10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36/BOX1 BOX$0.40
Brown Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1106BROWN10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36/BOX1 BOX$0.39
Green Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1107GREEN10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36/BOX1 BOX$0.40
Black Oblong Food Serving BasketREB1110BLACK10-5/8" L X 7-¼" W X 1-½" H36 / BOX1 BOX$0.39

Additional information

Weight .1344 lbs
Dimensions 10.63 × 7.1 × 1.5 in

Yellow (Box of 36), Gray (Box of 36), Blue (Box of 36), Red (Box of 36), Brown (Box of 36), Green (Box of 36), Black (Box of 36)

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