Water Miser Battery Caps



  • Water Miser Battery Vent Caps Reduce Evaporation
  • Internal Condenser Reduces Watering Intervals by up to 30%
  • Reduces Acid Fumes & Emissions
  • Keeps Top of Batteries Drier
  • Water Miser Caps Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Internal Spark-Flame Arrestor
  • Acid-Proof Rubber Seal Washer (Included)
  • Flip-Open Top Allows Faster Inspection & Watering
  • Flip-Top Rotates 360° for Easy Positioning
  • No Need to Remove Vent Cap from Battery
  • Virtually Eliminates Dropped / Misplaced / Lost Battery Caps
  • 1/4-Turn Bayonet Style Mount

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Which model should you choose?
#2000 Our most popular model. Recommended for most applications.
#2000C Larger opening for easier watering and level checking. Extra height reduces potential overflow.
#2000EX Our tallest model. Maximum protection against potential overflow. Not suitable for limited space.

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Saves Money

  • Water Misers reduce electrolyte loss through evaporation by up to 30%. Electrolyte vapors enter a condensation chamber where the liquid is trapped and then returned back into the battery cell. The gases then pass through a special hydrophobic cindered disk which further reduces moisture loss.
  • Reduces maintenance time. Removing the vent cap from battery is unnecessary. Just flip open the cap to inspect or to add water.
  • Water less often because of reduced electrolyte loss. This miserly cap quickly pays for itself by saving time and labor expense.
  • Battery stays drier, reducing voltage loss due to grounding.

Environmentally Friendly

  • The Water Miser Battery Cap reduces fumes and airborne particles, creating a cleaner environment for everyone. Manufacturers can also use in their charging areas to reduce fumes. Sulfuric acid fumes are virtually eliminated.


  • Includes a spark arrestor that allows pressurized gases to exit the battery, but stops sparks or flames from entering the cells.
  • Reduces repetitive motion fatigue. During maintenance, the need to remove the cap from the battery by twisting it is eliminated. The flip top cap provides easy access.
  • Less exposure to fumes and sulfuric acid. No more handling of acid-soaked vent caps.

User Friendly

  • The cap fully rotates to any desired position, allowing it to function where space is limited due to cables, terminals, etc.
  • Internal splash guard reduces splash when filling the battery. This keeps the outside of the battery drier and the liquid in the cell where it belongs.
  •  Model #2000 fits all single cell watering fillers with nozzle diameters of up to 3/4″ (#2000C & #2000CE up to 7/8″).
  • Standard bayonet mount fits most forklift, golf cart and floor scrubber batteries.

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Weight0.04 lbs
Dimensions2.0 × 1.48 × 1.3 in
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2000 (standard), 2000C (medium), 2000EX (tall)