Easy Picture Hanger™

Instantly hang pictures anywhere without using tools! The original Easy Picture Hanger™ is only available on this website and is not sold elsewhere.

Have you ever wondered…

How to hang a picture?
How to hang pictures on a wall with no tools?
What is the best way to hang pictures on paneling?
How to hang pictures on drywall?
How to mount something on a wall with no studs?

Looking for easy picture hanging ideas or the best picture hangers? Look no further. The Easy Picture Hanger™ can be held to the wall with thumbtacks or push pins. Finally, there is an easy way to hang a picture without using a hammer, nails, or a drill.

Easy Picture Hanger™ Instructions

The Easy Picture Hanger™ can be attached to the wall in seconds. Just place it on the wall and insert push pins or thumbtacks through the 6 holes into the wall. Then hang your picture by inserting the pre-attached hook or wire on the back of the picture onto the clip on the Easy Picture Hanger™. For pictures that do not have a pre-attached hook or wire, just attach a hook or wire to the back of the picture with thumbtacks or staples.

Great for hanging pictures on thin wall panels, drywall, basement wall paneling, and more. Further, it provides an easy way to hang pictures in rooms that have thin paneled walls. The Easy Picture Hanger™ is 3” wide by 4-15/16” tall and hangs pictures that weigh up to 10 pounds. Made in the USA.

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Weight .057 lbs
Dimensions 4.94 × 3 × .25 in
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