Ames Door Lock Support

The Ames Door Support prevents crushing of hollow metal doors when installing lock.

• Prevents Distorted Door Panels
• Stops the Lock Screws From Loosening
• Fits All 1-3/4” Thick Metal Doors
• Fits 2-1/8”, 1-5/8”, or 1-1/2” Hole




When locks are being installed in hollow doors, if the interior space between the two panels is not supported with a door lock support, this will cause two problems:
1) Tightening the lock screws will distort the door panels.
2) The lock screws will eventually become loose over time.

The Ames Door Support solves both problems. Simply fold it and insert it into the hole before installing the lock. It fits snugly inside the door between the two door panels, preventing them from moving when the lock screws are tightened. Unless the inside of the door is supported somehow, the door panels will move slightly due to expansion and contraction caused by temperature variations, eventually causing the screws in the lock assembly to loosen. The Ames Door Support prevents the door panels from moving, ensuring that the lock screws remain tight.

The two ends of the Ames Door Support snap together to form a circle. The ends may be snapped together either before or after inserting it into the door, depending on the size of the hole. One end has two segments that each have a snap feature on them. To fit the support into smaller holes (1-5/8” or 1-1/2”), the first segment may be trimmed off so that the support forms a smaller circle when the ends are snapped together. When the door lock support is installed into a 2-1/8″ hole, no trimming is required.

Constructed of super tough reinforced nylon. Made in the USA at our factory in Ohio. Dealer inquiries are welcome and quantity discounts are available. Click here to contact us for pricing.