Baby Gate Wall Protector


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Have you ever wondered…

What are the best baby gates?
What are the best dog gates?
How can I make a baby gate more secure?
How can I install a dog gate without damaging the wall?

Use Our Baby Gate Wall Protector!

The best baby gates should stay fixed in place even when they are pushed by a baby or pet. Most safety gates rely on the 4 rubber bumpers that press on the wall to keep the gates in place. But that method does not always work. The bumpers rely on friction to keep the gate from moving. But if the friction is not great enough, or if the wall flexes outward slightly, the bumpers can slide and the baby gate can fall over. Our baby gate wall protector has a recessed pocket for the bumper to rest in to help stop it from moving, thus giving an added level of security.

How to Install the Baby Gate Wall Protector

The wall protector has 2 mounting holes for attaching it to the wall with screws or wall anchors. Four wall protectors should be installed for safety gates that have 4 bumpers, one wall protector for each bumper. For doorways that are constructed with 2×4 wood studs, mount each wall protector with 2 #10 flat-head screws of sufficient length to penetrate the studs by at least 1/2 inch. If mounting the wall protector on drywall where no wood studs are present, use #8-10 plastic wall anchors.

Shower Rod Wall Protector

This wall protector is also the perfect solution to protect the paint, wall covering, or the drywall surrounding the shower. Simply install one on both walls at the end locations of the shower rod. The large surface area of the wall protector disperses the spring pressure of the shower rod to prevent any damage to the wall. Did you ever wonder how to fix the shower rod from falling? Each wall protector has a 1-1/2 inch diameter recessed pocket to help keep the shower rod from falling.

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