NSF Certified Plastic Serving Trays 12″ x 16″


How To Choose A Serving Tray?

These NSF certified plastic serving trays are made in 7 different colors. We manufacture blue serving trays, black serving trays, red serving trays, gray serving trays, green serving trays, yellow serving trays, and brown serving trays. In view of this, a tray color can make your food delivery process more efficient. For example, different color trays can be assigned to each food server. After the food tray is ready to be delivered, each server can therefore quickly identify their assigned bussing tray. Therefore, this results in faster food delivery and happy customers.

Plastic fast food trays are also used in cafeterias. In fact, our largest size food tray has plenty of room for additional food items which helps to encourage more food sales. The serving trays are often put near the start of the serving line for easy access.

Our fast food trays are available in 2 other convenient sizes, our large size 14″ x 18″ fast food tray and our smaller 10″ x 14″ fast food tray.  Select the best size for your foodservice operation based on the average size of your food orders and the size of your dinnerware.

Why Choose NSF Certified Serving Trays?

Whenever foods are served, safe plastic serving trays are a must. Our trays are NSF approved for food contact and ease of cleaning. Serving food on these certified trays will thus ensure compliance with local health and safety laws.

If you serve food to the public, remember that not all plastics are safe for use with food. Our plastic serving trays are made of food-grade polypropylene. This durable material will provide years of use in your foodservice business.

Polypropylene is safe for use in microwaves and is dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack. This type of plastic is approved for use in food containers including dairy food tubs, microwavable containers, and much more.

The outside dimensions of our plastic serving tray are 12″ x 16″ x 3/4″. The usable dimensions of the flat area where food plates and dishes will fit are 10-5/8″ x 14-5/8″.

Plastic Serving Tray Benefits

  • NSF certified and approved
  • Attractive textured design
  • Lightweight for easy food delivery
  • Easy cleanup
  • Safe for food contact
  • May be recycled
  • Made in the USA in our Ohio factory

Our food serving trays are sold online in box quantities of 12 only. To order, select a color in the drop-down box below. Then enter the quantity and select the Add to cart button. Then select the Checkout button that appears at the top left.

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Plastic Serving Trays Chart

Yellow Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121602YELLOW16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.06
Gray Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121603GRAY16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.03
Blue Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121604BLUE16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.03
Red Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121605RED16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.07
Brown Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121606BROWN16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.03
Green Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121607GREEN16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.06
Black Plastic Serving Trays 12x16TC121610BLACK16" L X 12" W X 3/4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$1.02

Additional information

Weight .64 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × .75 in

Yellow (Box of 12), Gray (Box of 12), Blue (Box of 12), Red (Box of 12), Brown (Box of 12), Green (Box of 12), Black (Box of 12)

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