NSF Certified Bus Tubs with Lids


If you need bus tubs with lids, we have them! We manufacture lids for all of our bus tubs. Bus tubs with lids are perfect for bussing tables and for all of your storage needs. Each lid is reinforced to allow the stacking of our bus tubs to maximize storage space. These bus tub lids are recessed on top to keep multiple bus tubs aligned when stacking them.

Bus tubs with lids are perfect for transporting dirty dishes discreetly and efficiently from tables to the dishwashing station. When you are bussing many dishes at the same time, placing lids on the bus tubs allows you to stack two or more tubs together. This will reduce the number of bussing trips you make from the tables to the dishwashing area by at least 50 percent. Further efficiency can be gained by using divided bus tubs with lids. Our divided bus tub has two compartments, allowing the silverware to be quickly separated from the dishes for a more streamlined dishwashing process.

These high-quality bus tub lids are essential for protecting the contents within the tubs from contamination. Although the lids are not airtight, the lids fit tightly on our bus tubs, keeping out dust, dirt, and accidental spills. Our NSF approved lids are safe for food contact and are designed for ease of cleaning. Every bus box lid has a permanent NSF certification mark for assurance of food contact safety and product quality. Our certified bus tub lids comply with all local health laws and inspection requirements.

Our bus tubs and bus tub lids are injection molded with 100% HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a strong durable plastic that is NSF approved for contact with food. HDPE has an operating temperature range of -60°F to 230°F and is unaffected by boiling water or freezing temperatures.

Our bus tubs and lids are available in four different colors. This lets you designate a different color for each purpose. For example, you might use black bus tubs for soiled dinnerware, white bus tubs for clean dishes, brown bus tubs for marinating meats, and gray bus tubs for something else.

To minimize the appearance of wear and tear, each bus box lid has a textured surface that hides any scratches that may occur during heavy use. The entire lid is contoured for a professional appearance and for easy cleaning. Our lids are dishwasher safe.

Our bus tub lids will fit on all of our bus tubs, including 5″ bus tubs, 7″ bus tubs, divided bus tubs, and perforated bus tubs. It was not designed to fit our cutlery box which is normally used without a lid.

Bus Tub Lid Benefits

  • Choice of four colors
  • NSF approved
  • Keeps bus tub contents clean
  • Restaurant quality
  • Attractive textured exterior
  • Reinforced lids allow stacking
  • May be recycled
  • Made in the USA in our Ohio factory

Our bus tub lids are sold online in box quantities of 12 only and are not available individually. To order, select a color in the drop-down box below. Then enter the box quantity and select the Add to cart button. Then select the Checkout button that appears at the top left.

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Bus Tubs with Lids Chart

White Bus Tub LidBTL00-12WHITE21-3/4" L X 17-1/4" W X 1-½" H12 / BOX1 BOX$2.51
Gray Bus Tub LidBTL03-12GRAY21-3/4" L X 17-1/4" W X 1-½" H12 / BOX1 BOX$2.54
Brown Bus Tub LidBTL04-12BROWN21-3/4" L X 17-1/4" W X 1-½" H12 / BOX1 BOX$2.55
Black Bus Tub LidBTL10-12BLACK21-3/4" L X 17-1/4" W X 1-½" H12 / BOX1 BOX$2.51

Additional information

Weight 1.57 lbs
Dimensions 21.8 × 17.5 × 1 in

White (Box of 12), Gray (Box of 12), Brown (Box of 12), Black (Box of 12)

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