Plastic Windshield Stick Benefits:

  • Professional grade
  • Will not scratch glass
  • Made of 100% genuine acetal
  • Available in 5 different models
  • Custom printed with your company name or logo
  • Made in the USA at our Ohio factory

Our professional-grade Windshield Stick Pro™ is made of genuine acetal which has a very low coefficient of friction. As a result, this allows the tool to slide effortlessly on glass without scratching it. This premium tool is the perfect choice for auto glass installation professionals.

This plastic windshield stick is available in 5 different shapes and styles and will perform a wide variety of tasks. The tapered ends are an ideal windshield setting tool. In addition, these auto glass chisel sticks are the perfect tool for scraping off urethane that is sticking to the windshield.

Windshield Stick Pro™ Pricing

Part NumberQuantityPrice
01, 02, 04, 061-49$1.99
"over 500Contact Us
"over 500Contact Us

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Part #01 and #02 both have tapered ends, but #02 is slightly thicker. At the ends, the edge of the #02 is .06″ thick whereas the #01 is .04″ thick. Therefore the #02 is more robust while the #01 fits more easily into small gaps.

Part #04 has 1 tapered end and 1 sharp chisel end.

Part #05 is a specialized tool that has 1 tapered end and 1 curved end.

Part #06 has 2 sharp chisel ends which makes it convenient when one end is dull and worn out.

The chisel end is great for removing excess sealant or adhesive. The curved end fits easily into tight spaces, and it also functions as a pry tool without damaging the auto glass. This plastic windshield stick can be used to remove suction cups from windshields without scratching the glass. Just push the sharp chisel edge of the tool underneath the suction cup to break the vacuum seal to release it from the glass.

Made of a specially formulated material, these windshield installation tools will not scratch, chip, or damage glass. A great addition to every toolbox, the auto glass chisel sticks have unlimited uses including windshield installation and removal, for prying on the glass, for tooling adhesives and sealants, for removing trim, and much more. Made in the USA at our factory in Ohio.

The Windshield Stick Pro™ is available with your custom logo or company name on it. A great way to advertise your business. This is a super adhesive clear stick-on logo. Contact us for more details.

This item is known by many names including fiberstick, fiber stick, windshield tool, windshield stick, windshield installation tool, plastic windshield tool, windshield bone tool, and universal tool.

Another use for this plastic windshield tool which is sometimes called a gasket push stick is for installing window film tint. When installing the film on auto glass side windows, this tool is used to push the rubber gasket down slightly. This allows the installer to position the bottom edge of the film below the top of the gasket. Not only does this ensure a more professional appearance, but it also prevents the gasket from rubbing the bottom edge of the film each time the window is rolled up or down. This prevents the gasket from tearing the film or peeling it away from the glass. As a result, this assures a longer-lasting installation.

We offer this auto glass tool at the wholesale price on this website. We manufacture this plastic windshield tool in our factory, so there is no added middleman markup.

For more info about windshields, this article by Wikipedia covers windshield installation and repair. To learn the basic steps of replacing a windshield, wikiHow shows how to put in a windshield in this step-by-step guide that includes pictures.

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01 (taper/taper), 02 (taper/taper), 04 (chisel/taper), 05 (curved/taper), 06 (chisel/chisel)

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