5-Gallon Bucket Spout


Just imagine pouring paint or other liquids from 5-gallon pails without it running down the side of the can or spilling it! Avoid all that mess with this amazing plastic pour spout! Just attach it to the paint pail and start pouring!


  • Avoids mess when pouring
  • Saves paint
  • Prevents paint-covered labels
  • Fits all tint plug-type buckets
  • Adapter Fits 2.75″ [70mm] Threads
  • Optional Adapter Fits 2.5″ [63mm] Threads
  • For metal and plastic buckets
  • Made in the USA

To view the spout measurements, select the small image under the product picture. We give a bulk discount for 100 or more pour spouts. Please contact us for more info.

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5 Gallon Bucket Spout Instructions

This 5-gallon pail spout comes pre-assembled with one threaded adapter. The large yellow adapter fits on 2-3/4-inch threads, and the optional black adapter fits on 2-1/2 inch threads. Note- the optional black adapter is not included, and is only available for order quantities of 10,000 or more.

To attach the spout to a bucket that has a threaded cap, first remove the cap from the bucket by unscrewing it. Then screw the spout onto the bucket threads by turning it clockwise until it is tight. But if the yellow adapter is too large, attach the spout to the bucket by using the optional black thread adapter.

For tint plug-type containers that do not have a threaded cap, do not use either adapter. To put the spout on this type of bucket, first, remove the plug from the container. If the optional black adapter is attached to the spout, remove it from the yellow adapter by unscrewing it. Then remove the pouring spout from the yellow adapter by gently prying it out. Next, push the spout into the bucket hole until it snaps into place. As a result, you now have a spouted container that saves gallons of paint over the lifetime of the pouring spout. No more wasted paint that gets poured everywhere except where you were aiming. When the bucket is tilted, the paint pours directly into the target container instead of flowing down the side of the bucket.

Additional Pour Spout Info

Our durable pourer spout is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and will last for years. In addition, it can be used with all water-based, latex, or oil-based paints. After using it for water-based or latex paint, just clean it with soap and water. For oil-based paint, clean it with mineral spirits (do not use turpentine). Further, make sure that no paint is on the spout or the adapters after you clean them. Model #30669-00778.

Pouring paint or other liquids from a plastic five-gallon bucket is easy when you attach a pour spout. This also prevents painted labels on the side of the pail that can no longer be seen. In addition, if you need a snap-on pour spout for a round quart or one-gallon paint can, check out our paint can pour spouts.

For pouring paint thinner, solvents, or other liquids from rectangular one-gallon metal cans, just attach this snap-on gallon can pour spout to the can opening.

For more info, please view the 5-gallon bucket spout brochure.

Additional information

Weight .09 lbs
Dimensions 2.94 × 2.94 × 4.44 in

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