Just imagine pouring a liquid without it running down the side of the can or spilling it on the floor! Avoid all that mess with this amazing 1-gallon pour spout! Simply snap it on and begin pouring!

1-Gallon Pour Spout Benefits:

  • Makes pouring from small containers easier
  • Less mess, less waste, less cleanup
  • Fits most 1-gallon metal cans & plastic bottles
  • Fits many quart & pint cans
  • The clip snaps on the top rim of the can for easy storage
  • Easy to use, just snap it on and pour
  • Made of tough recycled plastic
  • Made in the USA

Our 1-gallon can pour spouts are made in two sizes. Model #PAUS will fit all cans that have 1.30″ threads. Model #PAUS2 will fit all cans that have 1.74″ threads.

Please measure the threads on your container before you buy a pour spout. To see which model you need, first remove the lid from the can. Then measure the diameter of the threads on the can. Then choose the correct pour spout model from the two sizes listed above.

To buy this 1-gallon pour spout, choose a model in the drop-down box below. Then enter the quantity and select the Add to cart button. Then select the Checkout button near the top left side of the page.

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Gallon Pour Spout Instructions

Simply unscrew the cap from the container, then snap the 1-gallon pour spout onto the lower portion of the threads. This handy pour spout makes pouring from 1-gallon cans a snap. Less messy and also stops the liquid from running down the side of the container.

This pour spout was originally designed to fit 1-gallon cans, but it also fits quart cans that have screw-on lids. Great for pouring a wide range of fluids, oils, and solvents. Further, our 1-gallon pour spout is made of polypropylene which has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. With this in mind, you can check this in the polypropylene chemical compatibility chart.

For more info, please view the 1-gallon pour spout brochure.

Additional information

Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 2.7 × 2.4 × 5.6 in
Part #

PAUS (fits 1.30" dia.), PAUS2 (fits 1.74" dia.)

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