Just imagine pouring a liquid without it running down the side of the can or spilling it on the floor! Avoid all that mess with this amazing One-Gallon Pour Spout! Simply snap it on and begin pouring!

Gallon Pour Spout Benefits:

  • Makes Pouring From Small Containers Easier
  • Less Mess, Less Waste, Less Cleanup
  • Fits Most One-Gallon Metal Cans
  • Fits Most One-Gallon Plastic Bottles
  • Fits Many Quart & Pint Containers
  • Clip Snaps onto Metal Cans for Easy Storage
  • Simple to Use – Snap-On & Pour
  • Durable – Tough Recycled Plastic
  • Made in the USA at our Ohio Factory

Our gallon can pour spouts are now available in two sizes. Model #PAUS will fit all containers that have a 1.30″ threaded diameter. Model #PAUS2 will fit all containers that have a 1.74″ threaded diameter.

To order, select a model in the drop-down box below. Then enter the quantity and click the Add to cart button. Then click the Checkout button that appears at the top left.

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Gallon Pour Spout Instructions

Simply unscrew the cap from the container, then snap the one-gallon pour spout onto the lower portion of the threads. This handy pour spout makes pouring from gallon cans a snap. Less messy and stops the liquid from running down the side of the container.

This pour spout was originally designed to fit one-gallon cans, but it also fits quart cans that have screw-on lids. Great for pouring a wide range of fluids, oils, and solvents. Our gallon pour spout is made of polypropylene which has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. You may check this by viewing the Polypropylene Chemical Compatibility Chart.

For more information, please view the One-Gallon Pour Spout Brochure.


Additional information

Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 2.7 × 2.4 × 5.6 in
Part #

PAUS (fits 1.30" dia.), PAUS2 (fits 1.74" dia.)