Battery Connectors

Our battery connectors have been subjected to rigorous testing and are UL approved. They are made of impact resistant Lexan® to provide high strength, superior dielectric properties, and a UL94 V0 flammability rating. Each housing contains 2 stainless steel springs to provide a secure connection and superior conductivity. Our low-cost connectors are an economical replacement for damaged or worn out battery connectors. Our connector is compatible with, and will fit most other major brands and are interchangeable with them.

Our connectors are available in different colors to identify them for use with different voltages. Each connector is keyed so that it will only plug into another one of the same color. This feature helps to prevent accidentally connecting 2 together that are wired for different voltages. This item is most often used for the purpose of connecting a charger to your battery powered equipment. It is used for charging batteries in forklifts, golf carts, floor scrubbers, and other equipment. We manufacture battery connectors in 3 different sizes:

  • 350 Amp Battery Connector
  • 175 Amp Battery Connector
  • 50 Amp Battery Connector

These may be purchased either with or without a set of contacts. Our contacts are constructed of silver-plated copper to provide ultra-low resistance for maximum conductivity. You may connect them to your cables by either crimping or soldering them, but we recommend crimping them with a good quality hydraulic crimping tool that is made for this purpose. The contacts are available in most common wire sizes from #12 AWG up to 4/0 AWG.

Dealer inquiries are welcome. Quantity discounts are available. Our battery connectors are available with your custom brand or logo molded into the plastic. Made in the USA at our factory in Ohio. Please contact us for details and pricing.



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350 Amp Battery Connector
175 Amp Battery Connector
50 Amp Battery Connector



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