Giant Checkers Game

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Our Giant Checkers Game Includes:

  • 24 Giant Checkers Pieces (10″ Diameter x 2″ Height)
  • 8 ft. x 8 ft. Giant Checkerboard
  • Convenient Storage Case

The giant checkers game is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by everyone. A perfect way to provide fun and entertainment for family and guests. Great for trips to the beach, outdoor parties, family reunions, corporate events, school recess activity, picnics, barbecues, or on the lawn in your own backyard. Unlike other giant checkers games sold elsewhere, the checkerboard is included. Free shipping! Made in the USA.


  • Heavy-Duty Indoor/Outdoor
  • Weatherproof
  • Clear Vinyl Case with Handle
  • Reinforced Fabric Checkerboard
  • Brass Tie-Down Grommets

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Looking to buy a giant checkers game? Compare our outdoor checkers to those sold elsewhere for up to $339.99. Buy factory direct and save on this giant checkers set, which includes the giant checkers and the giant checkerboard with a red and black checkered pattern. Our giant checkers game provides hours of fun and entertainment for all age groups.

Giant Checkers Rules

The rules for the giant checkers game is the same as for regular checkers. The only difference is the size of the checkerboard and the checker pieces.

The Game Pieces

Each game piece is called a checker. They are shaped like a round disk and are flat on the top and bottom. There are 12 red checkers and 12 black checkers.

The Game Board

According to most dictionaries, the board is usually referred to as a checkerboard, but it may also be properly called a checker board. An alternative english spelling is chequerboard. In Britain and a few other countries it is called a draughtboard, and they call the game “draughts” instead of checkers. The board is always square with equal length sides, and has a pattern of 64 alternating light and dark squares. The light squares are usually either red or white, and the dark squares are almost always black. Except for variations of the game, the light squares are never used in the game of checkers.


The player with the black checkers places them on the first three rows of dark squares. On the opposite side of the board, the player with the red checkers places them on the first three rows of dark squares.

How to Play

The game is played by two players. Begin by choosing which player will use the red pieces, and who will use the black ones. Since black always moves first, you may want to toss a coin to decide who gets which color. To be fair, players swap colors after each game. Black begins by moving a piece forward one square diagonally. Then the red player takes his turn by also moving a piece forward one square diagonally. Only the dark squares on the checkerboard are used, and the checker pieces are always moved diagonally. The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. You may only jump over your opponent’s piece when your piece is on the square next to theirs, and only if the square on the other side of their piece is empty. After you jump over it, you may continue jumping over more of your opponent’s pieces until no more moves are possible. After jumping over a piece, remove it from the board. Checker pieces always move forward diagonally, never backwards except when a piece is promoted to a king. A piece becomes a king when it lands on the last row furthest away from you. To mark it as a king, either place a captured piece of the same color on top of it, or else flip the piece over. Our giant checker pieces may be flipped upside down, or else double stacked to identify them as a king. Kings may move both backwards and forward (always diagonally). The game is won when you have captured all of your opponent’s pieces, or else when your opponent has no possible moves left.

For complete information on the game of checkers, click here to view it on the Wikipedia website.

Order a giant checkers game today and enjoy! Happy checkering in the land of the giants!

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