23 Gallon Narrow Wastebasket

Our narrow wastebasket is perfect for small areas. In fact, this slim wastebasket has a narrowed top and it narrows even further at the bottom. It is perfect for an office where there is not much space. In addition, this skinny wastebasket is constructed of thick plastic for heavy-duty use. It weighs a full 7 pounds, which lets this wastebasket carry heavy loads such as reams of paper. Unlike cheap thin wastebaskets, our narrow wastebasket has thick walls to ensure that it will last for years without cracking or breaking.



Narrow Wastebasket Features

  • Slim design fits in small space
  • Smooth handles for easy lifting
  • Attractive textured outside
  • Smooth inside surface for easy cleaning
  • Hand grips on the rear for easy dumping

Further info may be viewed in our narrow wastebasket brochure.

Made of recyclable high-quality polyethylene.
Made in the USA.

Weight: 7 lbs.
Specs: 11″ W x 23″ L x 30″ H

Please contact us for pricing.

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