Kitchen Sponge Holder


  • Neatly Stores Sponge at Rear of Sink
  • Suction Cup Mounts Sponge Holder to Sink
  • Keeps Sink Area More Organized
  • Water Drips Into Sink Instead of Onto Countertop
  • Keeps Sponge More Sanitary
  • Dimensions: 3″W x 4″L x 0.21″H
  • 1-3/8″ Hole Diameter
  • Made in USA at our Holland Ohio Factory

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Our soap sponge holder is the perfect solution to keep your kitchen more organized. Simply press the suction cup on the rear sink ledge to secure the sponge holder. The hole will fit all soap sponges with a handle diameter of up to 1-3/8″. Simply insert the handle of your soap sponge into the hole in the sponge holder. The raised edges will direct any drips from the sponge into your sink. Made in USA.