M27X3-SIA Battery Vent Cap Adapter


#M27X3-SIA Battery Vent Cap Adapter


  • Converts M27-3 Threaded Hole to Accept 1/4-turn Bayonet Caps
  • Adapts #4000600 Level Indicator to fit Threaded Battery Hole
  • Screw-in Style with Rubber Seal (Included)

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This battery vent adapter was originally designed to retrofit our #4000600 Battery Water Level Indicator to a Varta RL 840 battery (manufactured by Enersys). Our adapter will also fit any other battery that has a vent hole with M27-3 threads. In addition, this adapter enables you to retrofit any other quarter-turn bayonet style vent cap to your battery.

There are several legitimate reasons why someone would replace the original vent cap that came with the battery. The reasons for adapting a different vent may include:

  1. The original vent cap does not contain a flame arrestor, and due to a safety concern, you want to replace it with one that does.
  2. The original vent cap is short, and the top of the battery gets wet when the electrolyte overflows on occasion. A taller vent cap helps to prevent that.
  3. The original vent cap allows the electrolyte to evaporate too quickly, and you want to replace it with a Water Miser cap so that you don’t need to add water as often.
  4. The original vent cap is broken or lost, and  you need a replacement.
  5. You want to check the electrolyte level without removing the vent cap, and you want to replace it with a level indicator that needs an adapter to fit your battery.

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