Large Battery Box Fits Group 24 Thru 31 Batteries


Buy our large battery box today to protect nearby surfaces from damage!

Battery Box Features:

  • Fits Group 24, 27, 29, 31 battery
  • Fits any battery length from 10-1/4″ to 13-3/4″
  • Includes adjustable plastic divider panel
  • Includes hold-down strap
  • Includes mounting hardware kit
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction
  • Made in the USA

The dimensions shown below were measured with the lid mounted on the box.

Inside dimensions: 7″W x 13-3/4″L x 10″H
Outside dimensions: 8-7/8″W x 16-5/8″L x 10-5/8″H
Part #B-Box-27-31

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Our large battery box is adjustable and was designed to fit any group 24, group 27, group 29, or group 31 battery. The extra length of this battery box will accommodate any battery length from 10-1/4″ to 13-3/4″. The perfect way to safely install your battery in a car, boat, camper, RV, or elsewhere. The sturdy battery box is impact resistant and will provide years of excellent protection for your battery and nearby surfaces. It provides excellent ventilation to release battery gases safely.

This plastic battery box is larger than most battery boxes. Simply place your battery inside and position it at the end opposite the slots. Then slide the divider panel (included) into the slot closest to the battery. The panel keeps the battery securely in place and prevents it from moving around inside the box.

Our large battery box is constructed of heavy-duty polypropylene. This type of plastic is highly resistant to battery acid, oil, gasoline, and other harsh chemicals. It includes a hold-down strap, a mounting hardware kit, and the locking divider panel. Made in the USA at our factory in Ohio.

Additional information

Weight 2.145 lbs
Dimensions 16.63 × 8.9 × 10.63 in

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