6-Volt Battery Box


Buy a 6-volt battery box today to protect nearby surfaces from acid damage!

Battery Box Features:

  • Fits 6-volt battery
  • Includes hold-down strap
  • Includes mounting hardware kit
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction
  • Made in the USA

The dimensions shown below were measured with the lid mounted on the box.

Inside dimensions: 7-1/4″W x 10-5/8″L x 12-1/4″H
Outside dimensions: 9-1/8″W x 13-3/16″L x 12-7/8″H
Part #B-Box-6V

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This 6-volt battery box is designed to fit 6-volt automotive, marine, and RV batteries. The perfect way to safely install your 6-volt battery in a car, boat, trailer, camper, RV, or elsewhere. This sturdy box is impact resistant and will provide years of excellent protection for your battery and nearby surfaces. It provides excellent ventilation to release battery gases safely.

Our 6-volt battery box is constructed of heavy-duty polypropylene and is highly resistant to battery acid, oil, gasoline, and other harsh chemicals. It includes a hold-down strap and a mounting hardware kit. This battery box is made in the USA at our factory in Ohio.

Additional information

Weight2.805 lbs
Dimensions13.2 × 9.13 × 12.88 in

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