Battery Element Protectors

Battery mossing refers to the build-up of impurities on the top edges of battery element plates. Mossing occurs in all lead-acid batteries, usually at a very slow rate over a period of several years. The mossing may eventually result in short circuits between the plates. Severe battery mossing may cause a short between the elements and the plate strap. Mossing is exacerbated by overcharging, by rough handling, or due to normal motion and vibration when installed in mobile equipment.

To help solve this problem, battery manufacturers install a thin plastic shield on the top of the battery plates. This shield catches the particles of lead and other impurities that precipitate from the electrolyte. These shields are usually made of polypropylene which is unaffected by sulfuric acid. These element protectors greatly reduce the rate at which mossing occurs. This helps to protect our environment by extending battery life and reducing the number of prematurely discarded batteries. We manufacture element protectors in both standard and custom sizes. Our current drawings are available for viewing by clicking on the PDF icons below (your browser must be set to allow pop-ups).

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* When ordering, if color is unspecified, add the color suffix to the part number.
R = red, Y = yellow, Blk = black, W = white, O = orange, Blu = blue, G = green.
(Examples: CS-R, CS-Y, CS-Blk, CS-W, CS-O, CS-Blu, CS-G)

Battery Element Protectors

Part# *DimensionsImagepdf-words
EP5Y378RIB (yellow)
EP5R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 1.50"Battery Moss Shield EP5B378RIBpdf icon
EP7Y378RIB (yellow)
EP7R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 2.25"Battery Moss Shield EP7B378RIBpdf icon
EP9Y378RIB (yellow)
EP9R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 3"Battery Moss Shield EP9B378RIBpdf icon
EP11Y378RIB (yellow)
EP11R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 3.75"Battery Moss Shield EP11B378RIBpdf icon
EP13Y378RIB (yellow)
EP13R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 4.5"Battery Moss Shield EP13B378RIBpdf icon
EP15Y378RIB (yellow)
EP15R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 5.25Battery Moss Shield EP15B378RIBpdf icon
EP17Y378RIB (yellow)
EP17R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 6"Battery Moss Shield EP17B378RIBpdf icon
EP19Y378RIB (yellow)
EP19R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 6.75"Battery Moss Shield EP19B378RIBpdf icon
EP21Y378RIB (yellow)
EP21R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 7.5"Battery Moss Shield EP21B378RIBpdf icon
EP23Y378RIB (yellow)
EP23R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 8.25"Battery Moss Shield EP23B378RIBpdf icon
EP25Y378RIB (yellow)
EP25R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 9"Battery Moss Shield EP25B378RIBpdf icon
EP27Y378RIB (yellow)
EP27R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 9.75"Battery Moss Shield EP27B378RIBpdf icon
EP29Y378RIB (yellow)
EP29R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 10.5"Battery Moss Shield EP29B378RIBpdf icon
EP31Y378RIB (yellow)
EP31R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 11.25"Battery Moss Shield EP31B378RIBpdf icon
EP33Y378RIB (yellow)
EP33R378RIB (red)
3.85" x 12"Battery Moss Shield EP33B378RIBpdf icon
CS3.8" x 4.5"Battery Moss Guard CSpdf icon
EP9BLKW(black)7.875" x 3"Battery Element Protector EP9BLKWpdf icon
EP11BLKW(black)7.875" x 3.75"Battery Element Protector EP11BLKWpdf icon
EP13BLKW(black)7.875" x 4.5"Battery Element Protector EP13BLKWpdf icon
EP15BLKW(black)7.875" x 5.25"Battery Element Protector EP15BLKWpdf icon
EP17BLKW(black)7.875" x 6"Battery Element Protector EP17BLKWpdf icon
EP19BLKW(black)7.875" x 6.75Battery Element Protector EP19BLKWpdf icon
EP21BLKW(black)7.875" x 7.5"Battery Element Protector EP21BLKWpdf icon
EP31BLKW(black)7.875" x 11.25"Battery Element Protector EP31BLKWpdf icon
EP334X483.75" x 48"Battery Moss Guard EP334X48pdf icon
EPBLUE (blue)
EPGF48 (glass filled)
5.625" x 48"Battery Element Protector EP48pdf icon
EPR4X48 (red)
EPW4X48 (white)
4" x 48"Battery Moss Guard EP4X48pdf icon
EP4X48RIB4" x 47.88"Battery Moss Guard EP4X48RIBpdf icon
EP55.64" x 1.5"Battery Moss Guard EP5pdf icon
EP75.64" x 2.25"Battery Moss Guard EP7pdf icon
EP95.64" x 3"Battery Moss Guard EP9pdf icon
EP115.64" x 3.75Battery Moss Guard EP11pdf icon
EP135.64" x 4.5"Battery Moss Guard EP13pdf icon
EP155.64" x 5.25"Battery Moss Guard EP15pdf icon
EP175.64" x 6"Battery Moss Guard EP17pdf icon
EP195.64" x 6.75"Battery Moss Guard EP19pdf icon
EP215.64" x 7.5"Battery Moss Guard EP21pdf icon
EP235.64" x 8.25"Battery Moss Guard EP23pdf icon
EP255.64" x 9"Battery Moss Guard EP25pdf icon
EP275.64" x 9.75"Battery Moss Guard EP27pdf icon
EP295.64" x 10.5"Battery Moss Guard EP29pdf icon
EP315.64" x 11.25"Battery Moss Guard EP31pdf icon
EP335.64" x 12"Battery Moss Guard EP33pdf icon
EP5X485.03" x 47.94"Battery Moss Guard EP5X48pdf icon
EPB12DBL(black)7.875 x 12"Battery Moss Guard EPB12DBLpdf icon
EPD115.63 x 3.87"Battery Element Protector EPD11pdf icon
EPGF7W48(glass filled)7.89" x 48"Battery Element Protector EPGF7W48pdf icon
MGLLDPE-13TBC5.75" x 3.44"Battery Moss Guard MGLLDPE-13TBCpdf icon
MGLLDPE-15TBC5.75" x 3.44"Battery Moss Guard MGLLDPE-15TBCpdf icon
MGPP-17USB6.63" X 3.64"Battery Moss Guard MGPP-17USBpdf icon
MGLLDPE-19USB6.63" X 3.2"Battery Moss Guard MGLLDPE-19USBpdf icon
TBC-IND97.875" x 3"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND9pdf icon
TBC-IND137.875" x 4.5"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND13pdf icon
TBC-IND177.875" x 6"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND17pdf icon
TBC-IND237.875" x 8.25"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND23pdf icon
TBC-IND277.875" x 9.75"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND27pdf icon
TBC-IND297.875" x 10.5"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND29pdf icon
TBC-IND337.875" x 12"Battery Moss Guard TCB-IND33pdf icon
SBCEPPP-53.8" x 1.5"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-5pdf icon
SBCEPPP-73.8" x 2.25"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-7pdf icon
SBCEPPP-93.8" x 3"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-9pdf icon
SBCEPPP-113.8" x 3.75"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-11pdf icon
SBCEPPP-133.8" x 4.5"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-13pdf icon
SBCEPPP-153.8" x 5.25"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-15pdf icon
SBCEPPP-173.8" x 6"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-17pdf icon
SBCEPPP-193.8" x 6.75"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-19pdf icon
SBCEPPP-213.8" x 7.5"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-21pdf icon
SBCEPPP-233.8" x 8.25"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-23pdf icon
SBCEPPP-253.8" x 9"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-25pdf icon
SBCEPPP-273.8" x 9.75"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-27pdf icon
SBCEPPP-293.8" x 10.5"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-29pdf icon
SBCEPPP-313.8" x 11.25"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-31pdf icon
SBCEPPP-333.8" x 12"Battery Moss Guard SBCEPPP-33pdf icon

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