Negative Battery Bushing

Our Santoprene negative terminal battery bushing prevents damage to the top of a battery due to negative plate shrinkage. Please contact us for pricing.

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Part #GNBB-B

The dimensions for our floating battery bushing may be viewed on the part drawing.

As lead-acid batteries age, negative plate shrinkage may occur, causing the negative terminal post to move downward. This movement can deform the top of the battery. This may eventually crack the cover or break the seal resulting in a ruined battery.

To prevent this and ensure longer battery life, some battery manufacturers install a floating bushing instead of attaching the terminal post directly to the battery cover. The floating bushing prevents the negative plate shrinkage from damaging the battery cover by allowing the terminal post to move downward without distorting the cover.

The rubber bushing maintains the seal against both the battery cover and the terminal post when negative plate shrinkage occurs.

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