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Our plastic windshield tool is available in five different styles as shown. The tapered ends are an ideal windshield setting tool. Part #01 and #02 both have tapered ends, but #02 is slightly thicker. At the ends, the edge of the #02 is .06″ thick whereas the #01 is .04″ thick. Therefore the #02 is more robust while the #01 fits more easily into small gaps. Part #04 has one tapered end and one sharp chisel end. Part #5 has one tapered end and one curved end. Part #06 has two sharp chisel ends which makes it convenient when one end becomes dull and worn out.

The chisel end is great for removing excess sealant or adhesive. The curved end fits easily into tight spaces, and it also functions as a pry tool without damaging the auto glass.

Made of a specially formulated polymer, these windshield installation tools will not scratch, chip, or damage glass. A great addition to every toolbox, this tool has unlimited uses including windshield installation and removal, for prying on the glass, for tooling adhesives and sealants, for removing trim, and much more. Made in the USA at our factory in Ohio.

Windshield Tool Pricing

Part NumberQuantityPrice
01, 02, 04, 061-9$1.50
"over 500Contact Us
"over 500Contact Us

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This item is known by many names including fibre stick, fiberstick, fiber stick, windshield tool, windshield stick, windshield installation tool, plastic windshield tool, windshield bone tool, and universal tool.

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Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 7.68 × .62 × .19 in
Part #

01 (taper/taper), 02 (taper/taper), 04 (chisel/taper), 05 (curved/taper), 06 (chisel/chisel)