NSF-Certified Restaurant Silverware Holder (Box of 12)


Silverware holders are typically used in many areas of a restaurant, including kitchens, self-service stations, dishwashing areas, and storage rooms. This keeps flatware organized, readily available to both servers and bussers, and safe from possible contamination. Use our 4-bin holder to organize and store your clean silverware in your restaurant, bar, café, buffet, or cafeteria. This container is perfect for holding cutlery and for organizing forks, spoons, and knives into separate bins.

Silverware Holder Features

  • NSF Certified
  • Restaurant Quality
  • Smooth Glossy Finish
  • Reinforced handles
  • Stackable
  • Made in the USA

Our silverware holders are available wholesale in box quantities of 12 and are not sold separately. To buy, choose a color in the drop-down box below. Then enter the box quantity and select the Add to cart button. Then select the Checkout button near the top left side of the page.

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Why Use NSF-Certified Silverware Holders in a Restaurant?

Each holder has an NSF certification mark to certify food contact safety compliance and product quality. These holders comply with all health inspection laws. Our high-quality cutlery holder is preferred by top restaurateurs everywhere. They are safe for food contact and are designed for ease of cleaning. Our cutlery holder is also reinforced for bussing full loads of flatware and will not bend at the divide. The four rounded compartments and all adjoining surfaces are glossy and easy to clean. This flatware box has no sharp edges or corners where food could become trapped. All edges and corners are rounded, polished, and smooth.

Durable Construction

This heavy-duty commercial cutlery bin is designed to stand up to continuous use in a restaurant. The bottom of the tray has four bridge-like support ribs between each compartment. This provides the strength required for holding large loads of utensils, and to withstand rough handling and long-term use in a busy restaurant setting.

Our silverware holder is made of high-density polyethylene. It is NSF approved for use in restaurants, and for contact with all food-related items. This plastic has a working temperature range of -60°F to 230°F. Therefore, boiling water or freezing temperatures will not damage it. Our silverware holder is dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack away from the heating elements.

Practical Design

The box features smoothly contoured handles for comfortable lifting and moving, even when holding heavy loads of cutlery. The ergonomic rounded surfaces provide comfort when lifting and carrying the cutlery holder between stations.

Our silverware holders are designed in a flat, rectangular shape. These cutlery bins were designed to have four compartments, which is the most common number of bins. This keeps the cutlery holder to a reasonable length that takes up less countertop space and makes it easier to carry. The four compartments allow different types of flatware such as spoons, forks, knives, and other utensils to be kept separate and organized. If more compartments are needed for condiments or other food service items, a second cutlery holder can be placed nearby to hold these items.

Easy Organization

This commercial 4-compartment cutlery box with handles will keep your foodservice venue well organized.
This cutlery box is essential for every restaurant, bar, cafe, cafeteria, or other eateries. Perfect for storing cutlery or other food service items while keeping them in one convenient place. Saves time during the peak mealtime rush because servers know exactly where to find the items they need. In addition, cutlery bins can also be used to bus, dispense, or transfer flatware or condiments between the dining area and kitchen.

Cutlery holders are a great way to keep flatware and other utensils organized. The four wide compartments let you store, move, and organize a large amount of silverware, utensils, condiments, or other items in a single container, thus saving time when supplies are needed. Keeping silverware in one location ensures restaurant staff can find items quickly and efficiently.

This 4-compartment cutlery holder makes it easy to organize flatware, straws, beverage lids, and napkins for easy access by your servers. These heavy-duty cutlery holders are also used in self-service cafeterias. This cutlery holder is placed near the line entrance where silverware is held for quick access by patrons. Silverware holders are also great for holding condiments like salad dressing packs, jelly tubs, salt and pepper, sugar, straws, mustard and ketchup packs, lids, coffee cream packs, etc.

Other Cutlery Holder Uses

Use this utensil organizer to hold utensils and napkins in your silverware wrapping area. In fact, this cutlery holder speeds up the task of rolling silverware in napkins by keeping each item in a separate compartment. Just grab one utensil from each bin and start rolling. It is also perfect for storing clean and wrapped silverware. Each compartment has plenty of room to fit generous portions of flatware.

Keep your restaurant service fast and efficient with our 4-compartment silverware holder bins! Our restaurant-quality flatware holder has a smooth high-gloss finish and is available in your choice of gray or black. This holder lets you sort all your silverware in one box. More than just a cutlery holder, this caddy can be used for many organizing tasks. For example, some restaurants use black cutlery holders to store clean silverware and gray flatware trays for bussing dirty utensils.

Our flatware holder is the perfect way to sort the silver spoons, knives, and forks when clearing tables. Sorting the silverware while bussing tables will streamline the cleaning process. This cutlery holder is also great for soaking used silverware prior to washing them.

Outside dimensions: 21-1/8″ L x 12-3/4″ W x 3-3/4″ H

Inside dimensions:
Length of bins: 9-1/2″
Width of bins: 4″
Depth of bins: 3-9/16”

Gray Cutlery BoxBTC03-12GRAY21-½" L X 13" W X 4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$4.30
Black Cutlery BoxBTC10-12BLACK21-½" L X 13" W X 4" H12 / BOX1 BOX$4.25

Additional information

Weight1.929 lbs
Dimensions21.12 × 12.75 × 3.75 in

Gray, Black

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