Misc. Battery Parts

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  • Battery Formation Fitting #BRFP

    Battery Acid Recirculation Fitting

    Part #BRF-P Push-in battery acid recirculation fitting for battery formation charging systems. Faster installation and removal than bayonet models. Fits into bayonet style vent wells. Rotates 360° for easy hose positioning. Economical one-piece design. This item is an important component of battery formation equipment. Please contact us for pricing.

  • Model 9400171 battery formation fitting shown with and without the optional filter.

    Boosting Flow Thru Filler Head

    Part #9400171 This bayonet mount battery acid recirculation fitting is used along with other battery manufacturing equipment during the initial battery charging stage to circulate the electrolyte. Fits into all standard bayonet style vent wells. An optional snap-on filter is available. Contact us for pricing.

  • Group 31 Cosmetic Cap

    Group 31 Cosmetic Cap

    Part #103-1425

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